I love it when women books me through my London escorts agency as I am a closet lesbian


I am a certified London escort’s personality and I love my work sincerely. Since I started working being an escorts I feel so blessed and over joyed with all the blessings that I received. All I can say is that I am confident and fulfilled with  what I have now especially with my earning status. Though there were times that I am tested by time and situations but I stand firm and strong to face such kind of challenges and choose to be a better person.

I’ve been doing escorting for about five years now and I would still love the idea of being such for many more five years working as escorts in my favorite escort’s agency the London escorts. I made all through the circumstances of being an escorts all because of the great help of my ever loving and caring London escorts family. London escorts is always been there most especially in times of darkness hours of my life. London escorts were there whole heartedly helped me through as I will face the challenges in life. I could never be this strong person that I am used to be now if not because of them. So all my life I keep on thanking them in helping me build the better person that I am now and in the future of course.

There is one thing that I could barely forget of one of the many things they’ve done for me is the time when I found out that I am a closet lesbian. Going back into that moment, I was about two years of working being an escort and I had this feeling that I don’t really understand of myself. When I had an encounter with my regular male clients I feel happy about it for I had served them well but there was this kind of emptiness that I kept on looking for after every encounter. There was one time that the admin tells me if I would be okay to accept female clients. Hearing it all from an admin after she had called me I automatically answers her back with a big YES and say nothing at all after and felt with so much joy and excitement after the conversation. I then realized why I am too excited and overjoyed with the encounter with a woman.

The time had come that I had to meet with my ever first client a woman. I feel so happy and there is a different kind of feeling that I felt those time. I did all the necessary things to do for the encounter and after it I feel so contented and satisfied for the very first time. I even cried because of joy and happiness. After crying I had the realized that I am a lesbian for I cannot felt all those if not of being one. I am not hurt realizing the fact instead I am very happy for I had able to find the emptiness in my heart and in myself. I could never be this be very happy if not because of what I discovered.

The first encountered was not just ended there it was being followed by series of encounters and I love it when women books me through my London escorts agency as I am a closet lesbian. The more women book for an appointment with me I am the happiest woman on earth. I am saying that I am a closet lesbian for I don’t to reveal who really am I. yes I have fears for not revealing it but all the more I choose to remain quite for I am so blessed and contented in my life. I could not ask for more for I do have I what I needed and even to those I never wanted they will just come without giving efforts in them. I just choose to live a life with betterment not with negative thoughts, greed and power. All I just I really wanted is to live life the way that I use to be and that’s it. Revealing who really am I will not then make me that so happy that I am today. So I just stayed quiet and be happy all my life.